Vision Blinds

The majestic tiger would never swap its stripes for anything else!

Don’t be dotty! Stripes are so much more versatile! You can be bold! You can be crisp and classy! You can be anything you want to, with beautifully co-ordinated stripes!

Vision Blinds offer you a contemporary shading option and the perfect window treatment for any eclectic interior. Stylish, and completely at home with modern and antique furnishings, Vision Blinds offer you your choice of privacy or filtered sunlight. Let your window treatment bring your entire decor theme together by using tones and hues that unite the colours of your furnishings.

In terms of a pure graphic visual, the clean, stark lines of stripes make an enormous impact. You simply could not swap this for anything … less majestic!

Abracadabra ! Now you see it, now you don’t!

It’s like magic …. at the touch of a button, you have the choice of total privacy, or, limited vision with softly controlled sunlight. The Vision Blind by Blind Designs, is cleverly constructed using two layers of fabric. One layer is translucent which allows you to see the views outside while softly diffusing the incoming sunlight; and the other layer is opaque ensuring your total privacy. These two layers move independently of each other.

A single control allows the front layer to move independently of the back so that the stripes glide between each other creating an open and closed effect. Just like that. Magic!

The diffuse sunlight that comes through the translucent layer of fabric is soft and subtle. This evokes a mood that is calming and soothing. Views to the outside are dimmed yet still able to offer a pleasing appreciation of the beauty that the view might offer. And, if you’ve installed the Vision Blind in your business, the clang and clutter of what is going on outside, is reduced to an acceptable blur!!!

Innovation with Responsibility

Blind Designs™ has the most comprehensive range of blinds available in South Africa. We’ve been designing, assembling and distributing blinds to stylish homes, hotels, game parks and businesses in South Africa for over forty years. We are proud of our heritage and grateful for the beauty of this land. For this reason, we ensure that our designs promote sustainability. Eighty percent of all waste created in the assembly of our blinds is recycled. A percentage of profits generated by our business is redistributed to community projects.

We take great care in offering our customers the most stylish window treatment options and ensure that our product is meticulously made. Attention to every detail, every part of the way, is what guarantees our success!

N&S (Newton and Strever) at your service

If you are situated in the Polokwane, Tzaneen, Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit areas, give us a call right away. Our services include offering you the best advice on your options, measuring your requirements accurately to ensure you get a perfect fit!