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Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy Flooring Systems

Attractive, seamless gloss finish.

N&S offer 0.5mm to 2mm High build epoxy systems which provide protection against a range of alkalis, acids, alcohol, solvents and fuel. Our epoxy flooring have the ability to withstand high mechanical and chemical stress and is mainly used in dry processing areas. Available in a range of colours, our systems are low maintenance and excellent wear resistance making it a popular choice.

Flowcrete Approved

Approved Flowcrete Suppliers and Applicators

N&S are experienced suppliers and installers of Flowcrete industrial and commercial flooring systems. Systems available include: floor screeds, seamless terrazzo, surface damp proof membranes, decorative flooring, car park deck coatings and tank lining systems.

Flow Shield Epoxy Flooring

Like its name implies, Flow shield epoxy flooring is a floor coating that quite literally “flows” (on application), to provide you with a “shield” against all the nasty things you don’t want – if you’re in any industry where hygiene factors, chemical leeching and water erosion etc are an everyday hazard. In other words, Flow Shield is a self-levelling epoxy floor coating system that provides protection against a range of factors that cause hazards in particular industries. Once applied, it provides an attractive, seamless gloss finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

Seamless Flooring

Never fail a cleanliness test again!

Are you failing your cleanliness reports due to dirt and bacteria in the seams of the cement, or cracks on your tiling? Flow Shield is seamless! The joint-free finish of Flow Shield ensures that this problem is eliminated entirely ! In fact, this flooring system achieved one of the cleanest finishes possible!

Floor Strength

Protect your floor

It can withstand regular operational activity including scuffs, scrapes and wear and tear to look good that much longer! It is available in a range of vibrant colours that have a gloss finish and can be fashioned to your corporate identity needs.