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Resin Flooring HACCP Certified

Do you need a resin flooring system that offers you hygienic advantages, is tough to beat in terms of the rigours of mechanical and chemical usage as well as everyday wear and tear, that, at the same time is antistatic and low on maintenance? This, by anybody’s standards, is a tall order! But …. you guessed it, to us, it’s just another of our Flowfresh cementitious Polyurethane floor systems!

Self-Levelling Resin Flooring

The self-levelling cementitious polyurethane floor system uses a combination of cement and water based technologies that make them ideal as a flooring system required in conditions where harsh mechanical and chemical environments occur. The HACCP Internationally certified antimicrobial resin flooring system uses a polyurethane material that is infused with polygiene, an anti-bacterial fighting resin. Flowfresh offers complete protection against bacteria commonly found in food and other processing industries such as MRSA, SARS, E-coli and Salmonella Typli. This is why businesses in the food and beverage manufacturing industries, meat and fish processing areas, dairies, bakeries, catering and industrial kitchens as well as wet and dry processing zones all insist on using Flowfresh Polyurethane Flooring systems. In fact, any business activity that requires an hygienic and sanitary environment, needs a Flowfresh Floor. Period.

Floor Maintenance

Cut down on your maintenance bill! Your Flowfresh resin flooring is easy to keep clean and is suitable for steam and hot water cleaning processes. Because it is seamless, less energy needs to be expended trying to keep those difficult to clean areas, sanitary. It withstands high levels of traffic, mechanical usage, chemical spillage and scuffs and other damage caused by everyday wear and tear. This translates to a floor that doesn’t need repairs or touch-ups after every little mechanical or chemical mishap. And that means you keep your profits where they ought to be – in the bank!

Flowfresh Benefits

Flowfresh can withstand the varying temperatures associated with most industries and is especially resistant to high temperatures. Safety standards are improved by its anti-slip profile – regardless of whether conditions are dry or wet. The anti-static characteristic built into the resin of the flooring prevents the electrostatic discharge (ESD) from building up and discharging into the environment where it could be destructive to goods or dangerous to people.

Low Voc Flooring

Now, with all these advantages, you’d probably think this flooring has to then, at least, be eco-unfriendly? Not a chance! Flowcrete’s resin flooring materials are solvent free and low in volatile organic compounds. In our determination to remain eco-friendly and sustainable, Flowcrete has formulated some of its products using recycled materials. Flowfresh can take the punishment of everyday wear and tear and still offer you a lifecycle of over ten years!

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