N&S supplies affordable water tanks for Agrictlture

Water scarcity in South Africa

Of all crisis that we could face, water scarcity is perhaps the most dangerous as it has a direct negative impact on the environment, human health, food security and economic well-being. It is the very essence of our livelihoods! Lower rainfall in catchment areas has resulted in declining dam levels and harsher municipal restrictions. As a water-scarce country who has been experiencing prolonged drought, South Africa must take active steps to manage this crisis. Water Tanks for Agricultutre may be the answer to life or death fro some crops. 

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  • Standard Reservoir Range – 9,500 litres to over 2 million litres (in any height/diameter configuration).
  • Human potability, food-grade certified liners (water is never in direct contact with
    the steel structure).
  • Rapid, on-site installation anywhere.
  • Reservoir under 349,000 litres require no concrete foundation.
  • Engineer designed.
  • Free-span steel roofs ensure no ingress of dust, insects, light (no algal growth).
  • Modular making transport and export cost effective.
  • Tanks can be dis-assembled and relocated.
  • Cost effective.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • 12-year warranty, 30-year lifespan.


  • Irrigation / flocculation tanks.
  • Emergency bulk water supply.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Potable water.
  • Water/Sewage treatment.
  • Raw or process water.
  • Waste water containment.
  • Fire tanks for sprinkler systems.

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Water and agriculture

Agriculture is both a major cause and casualty of water scarcity. It depends on water for farming fruits, vegetables, animals and timber, and thus drought has serious consequences for the socio-economic well-being of farming communities. Annual water allocations have been declining and as such farmers have had to get by on small rations of water which makes it difficult to maintain (and almost impossible to expand) production.

Agriculture and water sustainability

In areas such as Tzaneen, Limpopo where economic activity is concentrated on commercial, irrigated agriculture, farmers need to prepare for a drier future. The Department of Water Affairs is taking action to enhance the capacity of water supply systems, but the private sector cannot stand idly by. It needs to take an active role in water stewardship by investing in ecological infrastructure and catchment restoration. 

Agricultural water storage tanks

The Centre for Environmental Rights reports that only 9% of rainfall ends up as run-off in our rivers. Water storage tanks are some of the best solutions to help prevent this water loss and have a critical role to play in addressing emerging water problems. When it rains, literally and figuratively, farmers must do what they can to collect allocated water. This ancient technology has been revived to successfully supplement water supply. Instead of relying on piped-water systems, water tanks provide a long-term solution that results in improved agricultural performance.

Benefits of water tanks for agricultural application

Water storage tanks enable farmers to become more self-sufficient. Instead of relying on regulated water resources, a filled water tank serves as a permanent backup. They are also:

  • quick to install and transport/relocate should it become necessary
  • easy to maintain and repair since they are installed above ground
  • designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions
  • customisable to suit a farmer’s requirements

A cost-effective water storage solution

Oasis Tanks are specifically designed for agricultural application and provide a fantastic solution for storing large amounts of water. Tough and reliable, these water tanks offer an impressive capacity of 500 to over 1 million litres. Using Aluzinc steel and the latest tech, Oasis water tanks employ the next level in agricultural water tank standards. In fact, corrosion-resistant Aluzinc out-performs galvanised coatings by three to seven times and is utilised where long life is an essential requirement. 

All other design elements work together to ensure structural integrity and a 700gsm thick re-enforced PVC liner insulates the tank contents to preserve water quality. Oasis Tanks are maintenance-free and come with a 5-year warranty. The reason for this is that their corrosion-resistant Aluzinc steel construction, together with a free-standing steel domed roof, safeguards your water supply.

Tanks under 350,000 litres require no concrete works so, despite its ruggedness, Oasis Tanks are easy to transport, install, dismantle and relocate, making it ideal for the farmer who wants a long-term solution but knows all too well that there is no such thing when it comes to farming. With a lifespan of 40 years, investing in a water tank that can be moved, if necessary, offers value for your buck.

N&S supplies and installs Oasis Tanks

Based in Tzaneen, the dynamic N&S (Newton & Strever) duo supplies and installs Oasis Tanks as a cost-effective water storage solution to Limpopo farmers and beyond. With many years’ of experience (and tank installations) under their belt, N&S is able to consult with clients to supply and install only the best water tank solution for their needs. These tanks collect and treat water (if necessary) before applying it for use on the farm. Distribution pipes and pumps may also be necessary to supply the water where it is needed.

Corrugated water tanks have become legendary landmarks in our agricultural landscape. Incorporating the latest technology into its design, Oasis Tanks are durable and reliable, warranting your water security and peace of mind for affordable water storage for years to come. In addition to offering offer a more affordable solution to agricultural water storage, farmers may choose to customise their tanks with an external, galvanised steel ladder, lockable manhole/inspection hatch, dust/vermin proofing, scour/flush drain, water level gauges and many more. Discuss any request for add-ons with N&S for a tailored solution.