Bamboo Blinds

Go Zen!

Many, many years ago, in their wisdom, the Japanese sought a way to keep out the glaring sunlight from their homes. They also wanted to create the option of privacy when they needed it. The wise and creative of them solved this problem by using bamboo woven together, to make a blind which they hung in front of windows and openings to the outer spaces of their homes. These blinds instantly solved their problems. It was a simple design. It was a beautiful creation. No, it was the perfect solution! It was pure Zen!!

Classic, so you can use them with any decor!

Regardless of whether your home decor is more traditional or if you indeed have a more modern, minimalist abode – Blind Design’s™ Bamboo Blinds work excellently in either setting. Classic in their simplicity, they offer purity in design whether you go for light wood, dark wood or anything in between. Bamboo blinds allow your decor style and colour-schemes to take centre stage while they command the tone that the room exudes.

You also have the choice of the Bamboo Blind being the roll-up option or the Roman Blind version. Both options offer elegance and class to any room whether it’s the lounge, dining room, a bedroom or the bathroom or kitchen.

Have your own in-house Roll down hypnotist!

Your Blind Design™ Bamboo Blinds will gently filter the light and take the edge off any glare. They create a calm, cooling and soothing atmosphere. Long day at work? Or, perhaps just one of “those” days? No problem! Talk about rejuvenation … this is it – pure and simple! And, as you unwind, you can be mesmerised by the diffused views of the outside world while you make sense of the more stark realities of what’s going on in your mind. Soon all problems dissolve into abstraction; all abstraction leads to creativity and all creativity solves problems, bringing greater happiness. And, isn’t this what we’re all after, anyway?

With this kind of effect, who needs to pay for a hypnotist or therapist to find happiness?!

All the possibilities ...

Our Blind Design™ Bamboo Blinds are made from bamboo, Jute, Grass and wood. They can be customised to your exact needs whether it’s for an elegant home, an exclusive Game lodge or your business. Our representatives will help you tailor make them to offer you the very best solution.

Our Bamboo Blinds can be supplied to you face or reveal which is our way of saying “do you want the blind positioned inside the sill, or, attached to the wall surrounding the window?” You can also have your Bamboo Blinds with, or without a valance at the top.

If you’re choosing the Blind Design™ Bamboo Roman Blinds, you have the option of having it motorised as well. A 220V motor will be used with your choice of RTS technology remote control.

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