Wood Venetian

What’s in a Name, You Might Ask?

To the VenetiansPersians and Japanese of yore, it may have been a matter of great pride!

Oh boy! There are many theories available as to why Venetian Blinds are called Venetian and, exactly which blinds are Venetian? The theories all differ to a greater or lesser extent. The most plausible theory however, is that a window covering that made the use of horizontal slats which could swivel, was kept together by interconnected strings, and could also open or close, was introduced to Paris by the traders from Venice – hence the name Venetian Blinds. Edward Beran patented this design in 1769.

Speculation further goes on to say that the original idea of a blind, used as a window covering, was copied from the Japanese who used wood or bamboo woven together that could either roll up or roll down. The Japanese used blinds to control how much light or privacy they required. So, in a sense, the Japanese have first claim to the concept of a blind however, not necessarily the Venetian Blind!

And, between all of this, in a different part of the world, about two-hundred and fifty years ago, the Persians were also using blinds for their window coverings, excepting, the slats were used in a vertical fashion rather than horizontal! The Persian blinds are what we refer to today as Vertical Blinds.

So, now that you know the origin of a Venetian Blind, here are some of the features to consider ...


The premium in our range of blinds, the Blind Design™ Wood Venetian Blind, offers sophisticated, uncluttered and classic beauty. Although classic, Wood Venetian blinds are the new modern interpretation of window coverings for your home! They command a great deal of attention making your windows a focal feature in your home. Choose from a number of wood treatments, a finish to suit your decor theme. Our Basswood blinds are made from genuine wood and stained or Dura-coated to the finish you require! Moreover, the Dura-coat and UV resistant finish will protect your wooden blinds and give you many years of happy usage!

Have greater flexibility in desired light or privacy!

The Venetian Blinds are a really smart way for you to control how much light and privacy you let into the room. The 50mm slats can be swivelled to a more vertical position to reduce the amount of light entering the room and increase the privacy; or, swivelled to a more horizontal positioning to increase the light and reduce the privacy. And, for your final control, the blind can be pulled up or down to eliminate any filtering what so ever.

Motorised convenience

If you do not want hand operated blinds, you have the choice of a 220V lift and tilt motor or a battery powered tilt only motor. For the motorised options, you have a remote control choice to suit your decor!

Bringing Venice to you, in the north-eastern Limpopo!

Give N&S (Newton & Strever) a call and we’ll have you measured up in no time at all in the Polokwane, Tzaneen, Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit areas. We’re on standby to show you the range of Wood Venetian Blinds of your choice!