Motorised Blinds

Think Again!

Know-all Suzie: “I’m telling you Pat, forget blinds – your windows are just too big! For goodness sake!! Just think for yourself …”

(Goes over to the wall, wincing and tottering over her high heels as she ‘struggles’ to pull up an imaginary blind chord).

“ … how strong would you need to be to pull the blind up?”

Me: (Wistfully)

“There must be a solution! I saw the most beautiful blinds in the Decor mag! They would be perfect for this room. ”

Know-all Suzie: “Forget it, Pat! No can do! Read my lips, doll. The blinds will be too heavy! Those little skinny arms of yours would never be able to open the blind!!!

(Laughs hysterically).

“Mind you, it would probably be the best work-out you’ve ever had!!!”

(Guffaws loudly).

Me: “That view! The way the light dances as it shines through the trees ….. I’m going to call N&S and ask them. They’ll be able to tell me for sure ….”

Know-all Suzie: “You know, you just don’t listen! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Yes, this scene has played out in real life a few times before! Thankfully, it always ends well!

One on the key benefits of our range of Somfy motorised blinds is that they are specifically geared for large windows. Control the amount of sun light and privacy you want in your home from the comfort of your chair! Just one click on a button raises or lowers your blinds to help you create the atmosphere that suits the particular moment.

So, to all the Suzie’s out there, if you thought anything was too big for Somfy motorised Blinds, think again!

Get with-it – get RFT

Your blinds can be motorised as a 220Vmotor, or as a battery powered Wire Free motor. Our Somfy motors work on RFT – that’s Radio Frequency Technology. What this means is that direct line of sight is not necessary to operate the blinds at all! The remote will remain effective from an eighty metre range in an open area, and will even work at twenty metres across two concrete walls!!! Somfy Loggia or Sonesse® 50 can operate a single blind or a group of blinds per room – perfect for when you have a whole wall of windows.

Security: an added bonus

The Somfy motorised blinds can furthermore be placed on a timer. From a security point of view, one of the surest deterrents is giving everyone the illusion that you’re at home! Just install the timing device and you can raise or lower the Somfy Blinds at predetermined time intervals. You can even control your blinds by means of a sun or temperature sensor which is activated by light or heat!!!

In the end, don’t listen to anyone else but the professionals

If in doubt don’t ask Suzie, call us. We have all the expertise on the Blind Designs options available to you. N&S (Newton and Strever) are the professionals to call in the Polokwane, Tzaneen, Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit areas.

Wake up little Suzie, wake up!!!