Shade Solutions

Keep Cool!

Anyone who lives in the Polokwane, Tzaneen, Phalaborwa or Hoedspruit areas knows that the sun “doesn’t mess ‘round … “ – it means business! At the height of the summer months, you don’t want to be caught flat-footed, without a solution to the blazing sunshine. And, that’s just where we come into the picture … If it’s an excessive sunshine problem you have, our extensive range of Solara™ Shade Awnings and Umbrella’s can offer you a number of excellent shade options and solutions !!

Don’t sweat it!

We have chic umbrellas! The umbrellas are made from highly polished saligna hardwood with stainless steel, aluminium or brass fittings. You don’t have to sweat it, trying to get the umbrella opened or closed – the specially designed pulley system has been included for your convenience to make this task easier, and a lot more dignified! The only thing you’ll have to sweat about is the choice you will have to make over the size, shape and colour you want!!

Our range of Solara™ Pendulum Umbrellas, Storm Parasol Umbrellas and the Papillon Parasol Umbrellas will suit any environment you find yourself in; whether it is on the beach, at the entertainment area of your home, or, the local bistro.

Have panache; have a Solara™ Umbrella!

No area is too big for us!

If you have a large expanse you want shaded, it’s not a problem for us to find the right awning for you! Our range of Awnings can be attached by means of a side-wall attachment, or ceiling attachment, depending upon your architecture. Your choices include:

Folding Arm Awning

In this model, your awning is extended by means of two arms on either side of the awning that fold open or shut on a “elbow joint” mechanism (hence the name, “folding arm”). With the Folding Arm Awning you can choose having a protective cassette which houses the extension mechanism – a feature designed for extra protection against the elements on the moving parts of the awning. And, more excitingly, you have the option of the powder-coating for the frame and awning material, itself. Choose from a range of beautiful colours and designs that compliment your decor to and enhance the features of the architecture of your home or business! And, naturally, you have the choice of motorisation options which make your life easier and more luxurious!

Fall Arm Awning

The Fall Arm Awning offers all day protection against sunlight by adjusting the pitch of the one arm of the awning. Our models are capable of offering you anything between 0 degrees, where the awning is fully retracted, to 180 degrees where the awning is extended to its maximum position to offer a complete block against sunshine.

Compliment your existing decor with your choice of frame colour powder-coating and awning fabric. Extra features we can offer include protective and/or decorative pelmets and of course, motorisation!

Pram Awning

Typically these awnings are positioned over windows and doors to offer you protection against an excess of sunlight. They operate on a system of pulleys that allows the awning to be lowered or retracted to the desired level of shade, you’re looking for. Again, you have an extensive range of colours and designs to choose from in your choice of fabric.

Fixed Awnings

If you like, the Fixed Awning is a more permanent Pram Awning. It is permanently fixed in the lowered position to offer you constant protection against harsher conditions. A number of options are available in the shape of the awning: The Traditional Wedge, The Bull Nose, The Box Fronted and the Ridged Round Wedge are all good looking options that offer practical solutions to an excess of sunlight or even rain!

Pergola Awnings

The Pergola Awning gives you the fusion of ‘interior meets exterior’ in one space of seamless entertainment area … Choose between the Box Front frame where the rafters and beams are ‘boxed’ and flush for a clean architectural line, or, the Scalloped Aluminium Pergola, where the rafters and beams are scalloped, for a hint of softness.

The standard pergola colour is powder coated white, but can be altered to suit your decor colour scheme. The fabric choice is extensive, just ask our representative to show you the range.

Commercial Awnings

Your business is important to us! Commercial Awnings are tailor-made to your exact requirements. Your choice of commercial awning says a lot about your business. It defines who you are; who your customer is, and what you want them to think of your business. Remember, the exterior image your business projects, determines whether the pedestrian is converted from a mere passer-by, to a customer you can serve. It is, so to speak, part of the ‘packaging experience’. Good packaging encourages usage; poor packaging and your product is ignored!

Our versatile awning designs and your impactful Logo and branding will leave a lasting impression on your customers. So, get cracking and get your branding out there!

Patioshade Awnings

We have three options in the Patioshade Awnings; the Bari Patioshade Awning, the Prima Patioshade Awning and the Venice Patioshade Awning. Essentially, they represent three levels of sturdiness. The Bari Patioshade Awning is suitable for most home applications. It will provide you with shade cover and some degree of protection against light drizzle rain. In this method, the length of the fabric has a shaft sewn into the fabric, with an aluminium rod placed in the shaft to create stiffeners and for support and ease of operation.

The Prima Patioshade Awning, more robust than the Bari, relies on a design that makes use of panels of fabric that slide into aluminium extrusions hidden above the fabric, which act as the stiffeners. This awning can be used for protection against light rain. As with all our products, your choice of powder coating aluminium frame and fabrics will compliment any decor and colour scheme you might have on your patio.

Finally, the most robust patio awning we offer – the Venice Patioshade Awning. It’s system of stiffeners is much stronger than the Prima Patioshade. The Venice Patioshade Awning can withstand more vigorous weather conditions making it the perfect awning for businesses like restaurants and bars.

We’re in Polokwane, Tzaneen, Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit

You know how sunny it is in our area. For your shade solutions in the Polokwane, Tzaneen, Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit areas, give N & S (Newton and Strever) a call.

We’ll be able to advise you on the best solution to your excessive sunshine problem with an impressive choice of shade options!