Sliding Panel Blinds

Bold and Dramatic!

If you have dramatic architectural windows and opening features, you’re going to love our Sliding Panel Blinds!

Give vent to the artist within you! Find your creative mojo as you juxtapose matching or contrasting colours in panels of fabric (or bamboo). The Sliding Panel Blinds are an excellent invention for creating a dramatic fusion of colour and space. They are ideally meant for large windows or open areas in your architecture where you would like to create a focal vista.

Choose tints and tones from you decor colour scheme to create a bold yet elegant statement, or, contrasting and designed fabrics for a bold and charismatic shout out! Let your choice reflect your inner self and feel comfortable in the surrounding of your extended self!

This is what interior decorating should be about, isn’t it?

Room Behind the Panel ....

The large panels of coloured, or, if you prefer, designed fabric, fold in neatly behind one another so that you can determine the exact extent to which you want light to stream into your room – if you’re using the Sliding Panel Blinds as a window treatment. Of course, if you’re using the panels as a room divider, it would give you a greater or smaller glimpse of the room on the other side! Create a tantalising curiosity by always leaving the panel partially closed. It’s almost guaranteed your guests will find an excuse to detour, just to take a closer look at the room behind the panel!!

Another Option ....

The fabric you choose offers you more than colours and designs to choose from: you also have a range of fabrics where you can determine what control you have, in the treatment of light. This single factor is perhaps the most important element in setting the ambient atmosphere of a room. Should you choose from our light filtering range, you can create a soothing, soft atmosphere where diffuse light cuts out the glare and sharpness of direct light. Hmm … sounds perfect for intimate and cosy settings! This option offers day and night privacy. Or, you could choose from our range of Block-out material. As the name suggests, Block-out “blocks” sunlight! (Just perfect for bedrooms when you want to sleep on for that extra hour or so!)

As if that is not enough, the Sliding Panel Blinds also give you a series of options in which way you want the panels divided. You can have the panels slide behind one another to the left, to the right and, from the centre to each side! Let our consultant help you choose which option will look the best for your particular needs.

Give us a Call for all Your Options!

Let us pay you a visit with our samples and measure your requirements, to give you a professional quote. We’ll also advise you on all the options you have in our vast, vast range of blinds so that you’re one hundred percent sure you’re getting the best you can! N&S (Newton and Strever) services the Polokwane, Tzaneen, Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit areas.

Give us a call now – the creative within you wants out of the genie bottle!!!