Outdoor Blinds

O-oh-ohh! Won’t you Stay, Just a Little Bit Longer?

The gorgeous South African weather has ensured that your patio areas will become focal architectural features. Whether your visitors are braaing, enjoying a dip in the pool or gathering around to marvel at the garden and views, without a doubt, they’re going to be on the patio! Perhaps they’re drinking a gin and tonic after a lucky game drive, watching the sun go down, as they exchange stories of the wondrous tusker they saw earlier? When guests are enjoying themselves like this, doesn’t it make sense then, to extend their stay on the patio for as long as possible? Regardless of whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring, we can help you do this!

It is quite possible using your choice of Blind Design’s™ Outdoor Blinds! The fabric used by Blind Designs™ for its Outdoor Blinds range, is exceedingly hi-tech! In the summer, it keeps the scorching heat out and screens the glare while still maintaining the views; in winter, it insulates the patio and shuts out the chilly bite of a winters’ evening. In autumn, you simply secure the blind by a choice of hold down clips at the bottom, and you eliminate the windy gusts associated with this time of year.

In the service industry, it’s of paramount importance to keeping your guests happy. Install your choice of Outdoor Blinds to your patio’s, and see your guests stay, enjoying whatever it is you offer, just a little bit longer!

Our Free Hang Outdoor Blinds are suitable up to sizes of 5m100 width and a 3m000 drop as a single blind.

Sophisticated, slick technology. Let’s start with the fabric.


You can go with your choice of Shearweave or Suntex. With Shearweave you have the unique quality of transparency when you are in inside looking out, during the day time, yet total privacy from prying eyes from the outside, looking in!! Clearview, on the other hand, offers transparency both ways, without the privacy but, with a far more robust shield against wind and rain. With the Shearweave Fabric we offer a five year warranty and the Suntex Fabric, the warranty is extended to ten years.

Then it’s the blind ...

With the actual blind design itself, you have many options: The Free Hang Blind comes in your choice of standard – where the blind rolls down the back of the tube, or, as a waterfall installation, where the blind rolls down off the front of the tube. You can also choose to have the top roller encased in a bracket, or not. Should you go for this option, the brackets are available in white, black or stainless steel. And finally, the bottom rail is available in white, putty, bronze, midnight or black.

The Channel X Range: The Channel X range, for those of you who would like a complete wall-to-wall appearance, has the bottom and sides encased in a channel. This method allows for greater control in insulating the patio and for managing the temperature, rain and wind you may be experiencing on a particular day.

And now, for the operation of the blinds ...

Our first and most basic option is the crank method. You will be required to physically, yet with ease, crank the roller blind up or down. The removable crank handle comes in an option of black or white.

In the next tier of motorisation, we offer you the Somfy Smoove wireless wall-mounted control unit. Here we offer a very slick looking choice of eight frames for your wall-mounted control panel. This touch-sensitive panel can operate one or more blinds in a single room. The functions if offers include “up, down, stop and ‘my’” which is your favourite position programmed to the touch of one button!

Lastly, you have a choice of radio operated remote control devices. The Somfy range of remote controls is not just hi-tech – they have been designed with flair and will suit any patio regardless of your colour scheme or decor. They can control one or many roller blinds so that you are assured that your customers are comfortable, no matter what the weather conditions might be!

Somfy Loggia or Sonesse® 50 operates off RFT (Radio Frequency Technology). Radio frequency does not require line of sight so you don’t have to be on the patio to open or close the blinds! The remote will remain effective from at an eighty metre range in an open area, and will even work at twenty metres across two concrete walls! Somfy Loggia or Sonesse® 50 can operate a single blind or a group of blinds per room. They even have the “my” button – a selection of your favourite position which it will recall at the touch of a button! These remotes are offered to you over three finishes: silver, lounge and pure.

We stand by our name

For over forty years Somfy has been at the forefront of designing and developing motors, remote controls and control points for the motorisation and automation of blinds, awnings, gates and garage doors.

We’ve offered customers with blinds the ability to have some control over the environment by using visually appealing technology. The ease with which our products can be used, brings comfort and ease to every home.

Blind Designs have been used by South Africans for over three decades. During this time, over half a million Blind Designs blinds have been installed into the homes of happy, satisfied South Africans. We have adorned many windows with panache and style to compliment any decor imaginable! We have focused on blinds that are good to look at and offer the customer with diversity and practical solutions to maximising environmental conditions.