Vertical Blinds

How would you like a cost effective solution to the way you approach your window treatment?

Vertical Blinds are the way to go!! In the first place, Vertical Blinds are the ideal covering for any imaginable space – Professional waiting rooms, Consulting Offices, business showrooms, Boardrooms, patio doors and other residential living areas, in fact, any conceivable place that has a window!! They’re easy to operate and it’s a synch keeping them clean! To keep them clean, a mere wipe down with a wet cloth does the trick and they’re as good as new!

They are perfectly designed for covering large window areas and those pesky windows of different sizes, heights and shapes. The versatile Vertical Blinds can open to the left, to the right and even divided in the middle, opening outwards.

Multi-functionalism at its best!

Add to the decor aesthetic!

Vertical Blinds are the new “in”. They offer clean lines and crisp finishes to your soft furnishing making a bold and elegant window statement. Vertical Blinds can be made up in the colour and fabric texture of your choice. Mix ‘n match and compliment your interior decor by the vast choices of fabrics and fabric textures we offer.

Perfect for any window – regardless of shape or size

At last there is a solution to spaces with an assortment of odd-shaped windows. We measure the window area and make the blind to fit any space, no matter how odd!

Noise and Temperature Control

Noise clutter is reduced – perfect for business environments! They also act as an insulation measure against excessive hot and cold temperatures.

Easy to maintain. Just wipe clean with a wet cloth!

It doesn’t matter where you may be, after a while, everything collects dust! It’s not a problem with Vertical Blinds; wet your cloth and, wipe down. It’s literally this simple!

Excellent control on light and privacy.

Dial up or down the incoming sunlight and glare, to your mood. Softer sunlight for residential settings and brighter light for business is probably the right way to go on this one!

Privacy is controlled by your personal selection on the angle of the vertical strips.

Cost effective solution to covering large windows and patio doors.

If you really want to make a statement in the way you treat your windows, it can be a costly exercise. Fabric and the linings you need for curtaining costs a fortune, then you still have to have them made up by someone who knows what they’re doing … and the fitting ….

With Vertical blinds we come and take your measurements and the next time you see us, we fit the blinds in no time at all!!

Rand for rand Vertical Blinds are one of the most cost effective solutions for window treatments you can get!

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