Get the best of both options

The Blind Design™ Ripple Shade Curtain blends the delicate, soft flow of curtains with the practicality and structure of a blind to bring you the luxurious all-in-one window treatment! You can still maintain the smooth, even ripple effect of curtains while at the same time enjoy the simple practicality of blinds.

No window or curtain area is too big for us!

Our heavy-duty track system is especially designed for heavy drapes, or, wide expanses that need to be covered. So, regardless of whether you have a home, guest lodge or hotel with unending views, or, it is for the board room, cinema or conference centre, we will provide the screening to suit your needs.

It’s so versatile, you can even use the Blind Design™ Ripple Shade curtains as a room divider!!!

The heart of the matter ...

The heart of the Ripple Shade is the track system. We have perfected the ability to maintain smooth, evenly rounded ripples regardless of how open or closed the “curtain” may be. The track allows the modern ripple effect while at the same time keeping the runners perfectly spaced from each other. And, depending on what kind of effect you’re seeking, different track options offer you different aesthetics and functionality. You also have the choice of applying the fullness of the ripple anything from 40% to 100% fullness, depending on what your application is. For example, your boardroom block-out Ripple Shade doesn’t have to have the aesthetics given by the full 100% effect and, as a corollary, you wouldn’t want to skimp on the 100% fullness if you’re looking for a sun filter for your exclusive game lodge.

Now you too can say: “Cross my heart; looks perfect, every time!”

Another small detail you would have to consider: we offer the Blind Design™ Ripple Shade Curtains to you with a centre split, or, with left or right stacked opening. This will be determined by aesthetic preferences and the architecture surrounding the window or opening you wish to cover.

The Ripple Shade system is available as a hand drawn curtain track, cord drawn curtain track or motorised with your choice of remote control.

Fabric Choices

The Blind Design™ Ripple Shade Curtain is available in three different fabrics:-

The Perth Range is a sheer fabric that offers you views to the outside yet filters out the sun light. This range is available in seven neutral colours. The Perth Range can furthermore be lined with a Dim Out lining.

The Hobart range filters out the light and has a slightly heavier weight than the Perth range. It is available in five different colours and can also be lined with the Dim Out lining.

Lastly, the Cairns Range which is the Dim Out range and is available in four complimentary colours. The Dim Out range blocks out the light and sun and darkens the room. The Cairns range can be used independently, or, used to line other ranges.

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